Home Sweet Home Outside the St. Louis Inner Loop

home backyard

The last few months have been a blur of activity as we found, and bought, our new home. We're now proud owners of a 3 bed/2 bath in unincorporated St. Charles county. I'm writing this from my office in the new home, watching the sun rise, sitting in its light by the window. The photo of the backyard is from the realtor's photos. I'll take some of my own when the weather clears.

One of the moving company people and the cable hookup guy both talked about how quiet the area is where we've moved. "Unlike St. Louis county and its recent troubles", was left unsaid. I hate the thought that folks think we're leaving St. Louis county because of those "black problems in Ferguson". We picked the location because a) it's close to Roomie's job, and b) the housing is still relatively affordable where we moved.

JavaScript Cookbook 2nd Edition: Live and Personal

JavaScript Cookbook cover

updateUse BWORM code to get a discount on my JavaScript Cookbook 2nd edition. A very nice discount, too.

The second edition of the JavaScript Cookbook just went live at O'Reilly. If you're wondering why I haven't been writing about technology as much lately, it's because I was saving all my tech writing mojo for the book.

We went a somewhat different path with the second edition. I spent a lot less time on syntax, and a lot more on JavaScript in use. When I wrote my first book on JavaScript, in the dark ages that was the mid-1990s, syntax was about all you had with JavaScript. Now, JavaScript is everywhere. It's the programming language that ate the world.

Rethinking our Twitter Twitchy Actions

Cleaning up after the bird

Very interesting piece by Sam Bibble at Gawker on Justine Sacco. Sacco was the PR person who tweeted a bit of satire that blew up in her face, and almost destroyed her career.

The problem with Twitter is every post lacks context. You don't know the person to know if they're joking. You haven't seen the build-up to know if the post is ironic, satirical, or a true belief. And it's so damn easy to retweet the actions and reactions, and to get caught up in the rush to condemn. That's the bad, the very horrid part of Twitter.

Torture and Learned Helplessness

image from Seligman's research

My senior psychology research project was about "learned helplessness", based on the work by Martin E. P. Seligman. He saw it as the underlying basis for depression, while I was interested in its effect on workers.

I have written about learned helplessness in the past. Oddly enough, one of the writings is titled, Learned Terrorism, posted in 2002. Others are The Value of Anger, and What's the Use?

Shrewsbury: Landlord Retaliation in the Land of Ferguson

photo of smoker

Received this letter yesterday:

Georgetown Apartments will not be renewing your lease, which expires on February 28, 2015. You are still responsible for rent and utilities through the end of your lease agreement.

We are asking you please vacate your apartment by February 28, 2015 to avoid eviction procedures. There is no exception you must vacate the apartment by February 28, 2015.


Katie Scott

And so ends our 13+ year tenure at Georgetown Apartments in Shrewsbury, Missouri. Shrewsbury is another of the 62 inner loop towns that plague the St. Louis area.


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