Friday Promises

Lately most of my writing has been on other topics, but I'm not abandoning my tech writing. I actually have two writings that are tech related in the works.

One is about Node, Ghost, and what happens when you remove the Apache wall that typically protects most of our web application work. The other is near and dear to my heart because it combines my interest in technology and my ongoing coverage of the Ringling Brothers circus/animal welfare court cases. Yeah, how great is that? RICO and tech in the same writing?

Of course, I also have other works in the hopper.

(Isn't that a cool word? Hopper? It's so appropriate for writers who procrastinate. "Get that SOB into the hopper and get it out the door, you lazy sod!")

Donate to a cause and get hauled into court

Ringling circus elephant and bullhookFeld Entertainment, Inc (FEI), owner of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus, is attempting to coerce confidential donor lists from the animal welfare groups it has battled with for 13+ years in the DC federal courts. FEI's lawyers are doing so in an attempt to prove that the animal welfare organizations it's suing—the Humane Society of the United States, Animal Welfare Institute, Fund for Animals, Born Free USA, and the Wildlife Advocacy Project—engaged in "donor fraud" in their solicitation of funds to continue their battle to help circus elephants.

Why does it want the list of donors? Why, to reach out to them, of course...

Of Mice and Men, Circus Elephants, and Books

The intent was to finish my book on the Ringling Brothers animal welfare court cases by year end. After all, the cases have settled down into an analysis of legal fees, and long, silent periods reflecting discovery, with a trial date a year or two (or three) into the future. Publish now, incorporate an epilogue into the e-book when all is said and done, and I'll have managed to write about an ongoing legal case and still keep readers updated.

Then I found out Tom Rider died, and everything has changed.

"Bitch" in Cages at Burningbird

When UPS Says "Train Derailment"

I received a notice from UPS on a package shipped from California. "Train derailment" was all it said.

So I have to backtrack to discover that a coal train derailed in Nevada on Sunday, damaging the tracks. The tracks weren't fixed until Tuesday, which delayed all other trains using these same tracks. My package arrived in Kansas today, where it was most likely unloaded from one of the delayed trains. My package will probably be arriving Monday rather than Friday.

At least I now know my package isn't one of many, strewed across some desolate wilderness somewhere amidst twisted and torn metal—most likely being pawed by bears or wooly men.

On Passion and Technology

In case you wonder if I have abandoned the world of technology forever, never fear: a new writing at Tech at Burningbird. This one on how letting go of passion about technology can be a good thing.

So whatever did happen to the person who used to fight endless battles about HTML5 at the W3C?

Elephants, organic foods, politics, Node.js, life. And learning how to shut up and listen to others.


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